When is it mandatory to put the environmental sticker?
As of January 2023, all municipalities and cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants must compulsorily include within their urban belt one or more special low emission zones (ZBE areas), as established in the Change Law Climate and Energy Transition.
What does each of the badges mean?
There are four environmental badges created based on the environmental impact of the vehicles and they will classify and grade the 50% most efficient fleet. From highest to lowest efficiency they would be:

0 Emissions Label, Blue Help: Identifies the most efficient vehicles. They will be entitled to this label battery electric (BEV), extended range electric (REEV), plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) with a range of 40 km or fuel cell vehicles.

Eco Help Label: The following in the efficiency step, it is mostly hybrid vehicles, gas or both. They will be entitled to this plug-in electric label with a range of less than 40 km, non-plug-in hybrids (HEV), vehicles powered by natural gas and gas (CNG and LNG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). They must meet the criteria for label C.

Label C, Green Help: Internal combustion vehicles that comply with the latest EURO emissions. Passenger cars and light gasoline vans registered from January 2006 and diesel from September 2015 will be entitled to this label. Vehicles with more than 8 seats and heavy vehicles, both gasoline and diesel, registered since 2014.

Label B, Yellow Help: Internal combustion vehicles that, although they do not comply with the latest EURO emission specifications, do comply with previous ones. Passenger cars and light gasoline vans registered since January 1, 2001 and diesel from 2006 will be entitled to this label. Vehicles with more than 8 seats and heavy vehicles, both gasoline and diesel, registered since 2006.

The rest of the vehicles, the 50% most polluting, are not entitled to any type of badge as they do not meet the requirements to be labeled as a clean vehicle.

Badge validity
The badge is valid for driving in Spain. If you are going to circulate with your vehicle in Germany, Austria, Denmark, France or another country with an environmental cataloging system, you should inform yourself before going about whether it is necessary to obtain a badge in the country you are traveling to, how to do it and the criteria for to be able to circulate
How and where to acquire the environmental label
The issuance of the label with the corresponding distinctive has a cost of € 5 at the post office.

Municipal animal register: Dog, cat and ferret owners must register their animals in the municipal animal register

statitistic control, Compulsary vaccination and tretament control campaigns, Facilitate help in case of loss, Provide services like dog parks, facilitate identifcation of owners who don't comply the rules

How to register?
Make an appointment on 965887328 or at les Cortes Valencianes 3, +Social
At registration you will recieve an number plate for the collar, plastic bag box and urine bottle sprayer

Take: application form, DNI/NIE, Vet health passport, inscription RIVIA, sterilization and or adoption certificate, municpal tax reciept

Dangerous dogs: extra documents
application for dangerous dogs, copy and receipt insurance

Agenda January :

Friday 27 January at 8 pm in Casa de Cultura: Institutional event called “l'Alfàs eres Tu: Responding to the future, designing the present”, organised by Tourism Department
Presentation of proyects realised with EU grants for mobility, interconnectivity, cultural heritage, multiculturality presented by Luis Larodera, l'Alfàs Fimlfestival director
Video, Discusion panel with Ma Jesus Such, university professor in Madrid, Joaquin Palomares president from Classical Music Society and Jose Palacios, president Flue Flag organisation with review in English
Wine of honour

13 January at 7 pm in municipal library: Book presentation “Busco a Napoleon” by the author journalist and writer Jane Rodriguez Rodriguez, free entrance.

Friday 13 January at 8 pm Opening exhibition “heartbeats” Corazon Express in Casa de Cultura. People recieving help from the association Corazon Express have expressed what the association means to them. Untill 31 January

Saturday 14 January at 8 pm in Casa de Cultura: Concert by Concordis Quartet, organised by Classical Music Society, entrance free for members, € 10 non members

Sunday 15 January: Guided visit to Moli de Manec, at 10 am in English and at 11 am in Spanish, meeting point Carpark Don Quichote, free activitiy, inscriptions: museovillaromana@lalfas,com.

Friday 20 January at 8 pm: Flamenco Soul Concert by Piña – Orengo in Forum Mare Nostrum, organised by Classic Music Society, Entrance ticket € 8

Friday 20 January at 8 pm; Book presentation by feminist lecture club “Fragilidad” by Sara Buho in municipal library in Casa de Cultura, free entrance

Saturday 21 January at 10,30 h at the Anchor area in Albir; Healthy dance workshop organised by Alfàs Health Councillorship

Sunday 22 January at 11.30 h at Casa de Cultura square: San Antonio, animal blessing and mass at 12 h in church San José

Sunday 22 January at 12 h: Piano Concert by Sebastiano Brusco in Centro Social Albir, organised by Classical Music Society, Entrance ticket members € 5, non members € 10

Saturday 28 January at 8 pm in Casa de Cultura; Comedy theatre “Las Couchers” , free entrance

Solidary Cinema in Casa de Cultura, proceeds go to Voluntary Centre, entrance ticket €3,
- Thursday 12 January at 7 pm: Mass (
- Thursday 19 January at 7 pm: Hors Normes (French)
- Thursday 26 January at 7 pm: the lost daughter (English)

4 February International Cancer Day with AACC  Freestyle

Next meeting: 1 February at 1 pm



The flu vaccination campaign has started for people over 80 years old and people with a severe illness. The health centre is giving appointments by phoning the patients but those people who are over 80 and have not recieved any phone call, they can go personally to the health centre between 11 and 12.30 h to get an appointment. Covid 19 booster vaccinations are given at the same time.
You have to take your SIP card to make the appointment.
If you have not got a valid SIP card then a new temporary card has to be made, you have to take:
- passport or ID card
- volante de empadronamiento, inscription in Town Hall register
- EHIC card / health insurance card (Europeisk Helsetrygdekort)

Have a lovely weekend !!! 
Kindest regards,

Bernd Goldschmidt, Assesor Residents Department
Martine Mertens, Councillor Collectives and Residents